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YWS 2010 Feedback

Tell us what you thought!

The Youth Work Summit is all about creating a new kind of space to learn, share and discover new ways to serve God as a youth worker. Make future Summit's even better by telling us what you thought. Everything you say will help us shape what happens next...
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1. How did you find out about the Youth Work Summit *This question is required.
2. What made you decide to come to the Summit? *This question is required.
3. Please tell us how important these were in deciding to attend. *This question is required.

1 = Very important
2 = Somewhat important
3 = Neutral
4 = Somewhat unimportant
5 = Very unimportant

Space Cell 12345
Goodie Bag
Ease of transportation/parking
Length of event
Other people attending
Talk titles
Rend Collective
4. Tell us what you thought of the day overall. *This question is required.
5. How did we do in achieving our vision for the Summit? *This question is required.

1 = Nailed it
2 = Pretty much
3 = Just about
4 = Not quite
5 = Not at all

Space Cell 12345
Value for money
Fresh ideas and input
Fun and enjoyable
Opportunities to discuss and debate
Speakers available to talk
Suitable for all Christian traditions
Blessed and encouraged *This question is required
Diversity of voices speaking *This question is required
7. If we organise a Summit next year in the North of England, would you come?
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